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  • Strawberries


    Abuela bought them, the strawberries,  plump , sweet, spotted, ripe for tasting from the roadside market- the one with the burlap heaven flapping in the humid air, on a day that smelled of smoke and incense.  I wanted  to eat them, but she slapped my hands away.  The strawberries hadn’t traveled far- torn up from…

  • The Red String

    The Red String

    Her mother’s tale of the red string foretold that Miko and Makoto would be together, tied little finger to little fingerby a taut invisible blood line.What she didn’t tell her was that the line would fray, break, need to be retied over and over.In their wedding photos Makoto would stand stiff,sincere in his white suit,chrysanthemum…

  • The Mayas of the Old Beehive

    The Mayas of the Old Beehive

      The Mayas of Colemnar Viejo for the last twilight hours of early May exist in mature thoughts, statues unable to address the questions designed to unseat their repose from spectators marching  into shadows.  By night they will know the answers that will secret their lives, grateful for Ermita de Remedios for the revelation and…