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  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    The leaves gift an elegy to the earth below.The generous winds scatter them afar.Old berries fall for the new buds bloom.Silence yields to the rattle all around.The poetry of spring is being written, re-vised with each withered branch renewed.Silver fringed hope is pushing through.Autumn is passing with each sunbeam.

  • Spring Knows the Rose’s  Scream

    Spring Knows the Rose’s Scream

    The rose has thorns because it cares not to be touched. Its color is a warning for animals to stay away. Its scent is a scream and not a delight for us to own. bending only for the sun. The scientist knows this having heard its sub audible howl with delicate machines that probe its…

  • Satan Hates the Spring

    Satan Hates the Spring