The Moya View

Tag: snow

  • Truths


    Three things that are silent and true:the twilight hour,the plummeting snow,death beneath every window.

  • Leaving Tracks

    Leaving Tracks

    let’s amble along snowy white spacesfoot tracks silent steady peaceful pacesrevealing lacy silk veils wooly earth white as milk invisible doves the white skylet’s amble along our still small townits soft somber peace and white down our velveteen boots these softer thingswalking along the dew leaving tracks

  • In the Midst of the Snowy Forest

    In the Midst of the Snowy Forest

    (After Major Jackson shadows of pines on the snow cast their canvas.The Downy Woodpecker stabbing beak carves wordsthat my pen cannot equal into the January morning.Her chirping is filled with a feasting frenzy resolve for the beetle larvae beneath the bark.I look, but even with my wood-boring eyes I cannot interrogate beyond the known:…

  • First Snow

    First Snow

    This is the gift the world has given him: snow in hallows on roofs, branches, streets, the long white candle on the window, burning to dusk while snow fills up the city— all these white contours filling his life— starlight behind daylight wherever he gazes.

  • Night Cat

    Night Cat

    Mine, mimes the black cat putting out his paw to her darkness. Let’s walk in the wood, black eyes imply,the scent of shadows rising from him.The snow, the city, the night dissolves. Mornings to come he will purr to her face.She hears a word of fur and thinks it’s love.Nights, he will slip out like…

  • Amidst the Whiteness All Around

    Amidst the Whiteness All Around

    They came lighting up the white pasture once green— the bagpipes of their bleating filling the center, until the snow is thick with sheep, the sun shining over their plump bodies in the winter mist.

  • Blasted Oaks in the Snow

    Blasted Oaks in the Snow

    The oaks split into shaggy specters.Until it snowed again, they stood. They came, cut them down,limbs yielding to their will, the thinner branches whittled to finely crafted switches,to beat the children who live in the puritanical world.

  • Snow Chapel

    Snow Chapel

    The world exists to remind us to see: the snow chapel in all its brightness— soul’s landscape asleep, forgotten, until bells remembering.

  • Our Pets Know His Light

    Our Pets Know His Light

    The cat and the dog sitting in the snow, admire an amazing singular heavenly glow.Together they form the world’s great halo.

  • The Village

    The Village

    Flake by flake the snow came The village was already asleep. Lights were twinkling softly bathingall in the Lord’s heavenly peace.