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  • Haven of Our Sun and Moon

    Haven of Our Sun and Moon

    Wake dear, and rise, sleep not this day. Let our two dreams play to and fro with each.   Let’s dance in the sun shouting— one beam, the light’s high joy. You nor I will not cry today     as you gambol and swirl, as I dream, hope, now words, then love and vows…

  • Everything Is You

    Kiss me. Devour me. Press yourself to me until inside and forever let me know you are there. Every breath is you. Every smell is you. Everything I taste has the savor of you. I look around and everything is you. Noise settles into the house with the timber of you. The gentle cloth of…

  • Why I Hate Facebook Potato Salad Polls

    Why I Hate Facebook Potato Salad Polls

    Why have this poll if your husband is never going to eat your damn potato salad! I hate cheese-s cake but I adore yours. Make me this damn potato salad so I can love you even more!

  • The Love Candle

    The Love Candle

    They both saw the ad for the new Valentine candle. She imagined it smelled of rose petals and chocolate. He knew it would stink of pussy and cock. True love, we all have a fragrance for that.

  • The Gift: A Poem

    The Gift: A Poem

    THE GIFT On the last day before the flight I kissed you softly,  Made love to you gently.  – The whole world seemed Such a fragile thing  And I didn’t want it to break. – The air was crystal, the earth clay My heart was  Diamonds and dust. – On the Sunday of the flight …