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  • The Lighthouse (A Movie Poem)

    The Lighthouse (A Movie Poem)

    Doldrums, doldrums eviler than the devil. – The Cyclopes’ prism eye revolves around me in a mechanical chatter. – It calls out desires at night, a mermaid cast up on shore – that awakens with the caw of a thousand slaughtered gulls – sending me scrambling back to the darkness, – afraid to touch the…

  • Pain and Glory (A Movie Poem)

    Pain and Glory (A Movie Poem)

    “If you do not write or film”, the director wonders, ”am I alive?” – “What limbo am I in when the shooting stops? When my camera no longer holds the beautiful prism.” – His films stay the same, only he changes, exchanging the silver screen for glistening tin foil heated under with a match. –…