The Moya View

Tag: Light

  • Trying to Follow My Mother

    Trying to Follow My Mother

    This morning the ghost of my mother haunted me. There was just peace, calm, a blue-green shadowy crystal shimmering steady above my sleeping chair. She came at a time when only I can see and know her- before the last dream and dawn, before the others  awakening, she pulsated lovely and in proper motion through…

  • Cup of Light

    Cup of Light

    I watch the light filter through the sky, touch the grass. It moves thru the window forming a yellow light in the glass on the table. Barely glimpsed, it moves again, almost touching the room where you are dying.

  • Fragile Fleeting Light

    Fragile Fleeting Light

    It’s the weak light that remains in memory— the fragile fleeting light that stays an ephemeral moment behind gray storm clouds, rosy dawns, rainbows, streaking like a meteor— and is gone…

  • Snow Chapel

    Snow Chapel

    The world exists to remind us to see: the snow chapel in all its brightness— soul’s landscape asleep, forgotten, until bells remembering.