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  • Remember the Grass

    Remember the Grass

    Delight in the cool grass,its elusive, delicate, shy,brush on your face,tingling arms, bare soles- for one day you will be too far beneath even its touch.

  • Field Grass

    Field Grass

    Fresh, fragrant and not yet tarnished the grass was mowed at the same time.It laid in ragged armfuls. By the afternoonit was less bright, starting to dry out. After a week, the grass was gathered again, into bigger stacks, dried for a longer time. The stacks were so tall that the children dug tunnels in…

  • Caress


    She stops her motorcycle and takes in the beach grass blooming all around her.She once saw her life in a dirty puddleand the black tenements blocking all light.Now, for the first time she sees a horizon.In the breeze she feels her mother cupping her face in her palms telling her everything will be alright.