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  • The Many Shrines of Mama Cruz

    The Many Shrines of Mama Cruz

    This is not a story about my mother,not even one about your motheror grandmother. It’s about Mama Cruz,someone else’s mother or grandmother.Mama Cruz believed with all her heart that Jesus shouldn’t wander far from her sight.At her small church she was the first to communion, confession and contrition.Her only sin, she knew of, was an…

  • Living With a Rusty Christ

    Living With a Rusty Christ

    The clean church Christ hangs on rusty nails, dozen-fold years denied a resurrection, tied to everlasting pain and death, heaven denied, mortal redemption denied because the flesh, existing between hope and despair, refuses the soul’s release.   The congregation is dead to peace, only knowing the scrapping of their knuckles on the smooth stone- dead…