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  • Playing the Piano on Her Last Day

    Playing the Piano on Her Last Day

    The fingers can’t strike the black and white keyswith the precision and grace of her youth,but today this last song, would be sweeter.“If this be all that is left of what I wasI will rejoice in all the good breezes I blew across these strings and keys.”

  • Beyond the Dying Cloud

    Beyond the Dying Cloud

    When a cloud dies doves and eagles dip their wings in mournful ‘memberance.   When the sky dies it rots black in despairing soot of ash and pain.   When the moon dies it’s mourned by the elliptical kisses of the planets beyond.   When a planet dies the universe gently cradles it and lullaby’s…

  • She Is the Way They Left Her

    She Is the Way They Left Her

    She is the way they left her: silent, shuttered, composed amidst disarray, the waiting chair unmoved, her body draped in final coverings, spider rays webbing the room, the overhead light unused, the bed sagging forever in the center after this, the sun fighting with the weight of shadows on her bedspread. The corners of her…

  • Obituary of Her Last Memory

    Obituary of Her Last Memory

    Many say the last thing the dying see is the flap of dove wings or Jesus caressing their hair.   Her hallucinations were full of Him smiling at her, speaking words she could not understand.   And when I draped the blanket over her cold feet, crowned with the blue bruise of all her past…