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  • Grief Dog

    Grief Dog

    Our new dog, a chihuahua mini husky mix,tries to fill, with kisses, the space of all the dogs before, even some of the people. I think he could smell the ashes on themantle of all those that came before him, feels the grief in us that ebbs and flows. I have a sizable collection grown…

  • Walking the Beach With My Wife and Dog

    Walking the Beach With My Wife and Dog

    This beach walk like all the others will be erased soon,but for nowthere is a line or two for us.

  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild

    What does a dog know of being a wolf, a wolf know of being a dog?   The wolf howls not to understand the moon but to know itself in the community of nature,   to shout out its place in the pack and among the stars.   It knows hunger that a dog will…

  • Dog Acts

    Dog Acts

    I like America’s Got Talent, especially when they have dog acts. I love dog acts.  I cry at dog acts.   I wish dog acts would bark and chase those young kids and aspiring adults who sing opera every year and get into the semifinals off the stage; chase the pretentious dance troupes and acrobats;…