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  • Our Pets Know His Light

    Our Pets Know His Light

    The cat and the dog sitting in the snow, admire an amazing singular heavenly glow.Together they form the world’s great halo.

  • Chihuahua of the Manor

    Chihuahua of the Manor

    Aye, chihuahua, canis familiaris, land piranha nipping at Aztec heels.   Aye chihuahua!   Heart of a Techichi warrior becoming yipping snarling bitch, eyes pulsating, patellas luxating at the stench of homo erectus US-es post-alus carrier-alopulus approaching, adorned in sky colors crowned in ivory pith.   She is fed on belly rubs and Kirkland’s grain…

  • Sharma Climbs the Stairs

    Sharma Climbs the Stairs

    The tiniest dog Won’t climb the tallest of steps Without big courage.

  • Sonnet For My Two Good Little Boys Passed On

    Sonnet For My Two Good Little Boys Passed On

    Marvin was a scruffy ball of black puff With two beady eyes that cried out for love. Even when he bit, he wasn’t that rough All he wanted was to play and be shoved.  – Shakey and he would play for hours all day For months two frenzied puppies on a crush Until Shakey grew…