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  • Trying to Sing in Italian

    Trying to Sing in Italian

    The virus news carries me from room to room. A Verdi aria breaks the solemn chant of the rising death tolls in my brain as Italians sing to the sick below, voice to voice forming a single line of hope, that filters down to the lonely windows, my electric screen, all the world’s tablets. The…

  • Satan Has Hollowed the World

    Satan Has Hollowed the World

    Soldiers patrol Bethlehem now.   The Kaaba hosts no circumambulating mustati.   The Ganges’ bathes in its own sin and ash releasing no Moksha.   The Vatican quarantines even  its Cardinals as The Pope holds mass to an empty St. Peter’s Square.   In Chicago, a 7-year-old girl named Heaven, will not die today, not become…