A Short History of ”The Troubles”

Image credit: Michele Zousmer https://www.michelezousmer.com/
Jack held his da’s old black revolver
high in his hand, even with his face.
His fingers barely reached the trigger.
In time, it would be an easy squeeze,
a proper squeeze for a proper Doherty,
but for now, he would wipe its barrel
across his face like a fillum gangster.
The soot of coal and Sperrin spit clung
to Jack’s face, becoming a freckle.

When he fired his first bullet, his da and
his fair-haired sister, Grace gathered behind.
The revolver backfired, blowing the
tip of his right thumb off,reopening
his da’s old black scarred chin and
creating a red freckle on Grace’s cheek.
Jack stumbled back against the wall,
creating a crack in the red house door.
He never felt more a proper Doherty.

fillum- Irish pronunciation for film
Sperrin spit- gravel dirt from the Sperrin mountain range located in the upland region of Northern Ireland.