Poetry by Title


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A Bird Flew Out of My Mouth

A Day for Love

A Dying Poet’s Final Sonnet

A  Tour of My Happy Place


Ad Astra: To the Stars

All This Chemo Is Making My Brain So Bright

An Elegy and An Kaddish for Parkland: Activism of Blood and Parkland Sighs Seven Times

And the 2019 Best Picture Oscar Goes to…

Anne Frank Hiding in America or Breaking the Neck of Jojo

Black as Pepto Bismol

Black in Japan

Bloody Disgusting, Absolutely Horrifying

Body Language

Border Crossing

Boricua Nada

Catacombs Know No Smiles

Census of the Living and the Dead

Chihuahua of the Manor

Collecting Beach Glass After the Storm

Community Garden

Cooking in the Kitchen with the Dog

Cop Movie or 21 Bridgess

Core Curriculum

Daguerreotype Of a Little Black Girl

Death Mask of Ours

Death is like no movie I have ever seen: the commercials

Death is like no movie I have ever seen: The Trailers

Diary of Your Last Breath

Dog Acts

Down Flight

Dreaming Graceland or Zombieland: Double Tap (A Movie Poem) 

Dunk the Clown

Epitaph to a Stone

Excavation of a Young T. Rex

Fairhope: A Poet’s Dream

Father’s Day

Film Course 101

Film Noir or Motherless Brooklyn (A Movie Poem)


Fold It Away,  My Child

Footballs Are Made for Running, Tossing and Fumbling

Gemini Man


God Reads the New York Times and Comments

Greensboro Boys Dream on Dying February Days

Gretel and Hansel Get Parental Advice

Grief Is Everything and All


Harriet (A Movie Poem)

Haven of Our Sun and Moon

He Writes, She Dreams Their Sentimental Song

Honey Boy

House H(a)unting

How Jesus Wants You to Love

Hymn for Our Past and Future

I Can Only Carry You

I am deaf and not your simile

Icarus’ Sister 


In the Cancer Museum 

I See Celluloid Angels and Not One of Them Is Charlie’s 


Just Mercy

Knives Out

Last Ride on the Arkansas

Leaving Florida

Lullaby for Your Daydreams 

Lullaby to My Infant Self

Making It- Midway (A Movie Poem)

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (A Movie Poem)

Mary Wept

Max von Sydow Made Me Believe

Migrant Daughter

Moms Save

My Preop Wish

My Wife Is Cooking Hot

Napalm Girl

Neil Armstrong Takes Back the Moon

New Bethany

No Good God Knows No

Northern Autumn and Summer Sun

Nun Sense

Ode to a Peanut Butter Elvis

Ode to Revelation 8

Ode to Stacey Abrams, Star Trek Politician


Oncology Nurse

One Million Prayers

On Seeing My Old Tree Uprooted After the Tornado

Onward— to the Rediscovered Realm

Our 18 Day Post 9-11 Marriage

Our Seven Year Sonnet

Our Very Good Year 2002

Parasite (A Movie Poem)

Pain and Glory (A Movie Poem)

Passion’s Cursive Highway

Porcelain Years

Prayer for Old and New Coats

Rain Dance

Reading the Handwriting of My Surname (MOYA)

Red Cup Youths Know No History

Remember, Remember Not

Returning to the Invisible


Satan Has Hollowed the World

Satan Hates the Spring

Seeing 2020


Shadows and Footprints of Everyday Crimes

Sharma Climbs the Stairs

Shelter in Place

She Rise

She Is the Way They Left Her

Shout of a Fully Immunized Nose Picker

Snapshots of New York City in Stride

Sometimes Love Can Stand No Other: The Love Story of Asim and Melati

Sonnet for My Two Good Little Boys Passed On

South Beach Daze

Spring Knows the Rose’s Scream

Teacups Over Yellow Stars

Tell them about the dream, Martin

Tiananmen Knows No Ghosts Now

The 67th, 68th, 69th Blow

The Boxer

The Butterfly Effect

The Call of the Wild

The Crazy Horse Monument Faces East

The Donkey Braying in the Manger of the Lord or How the Jerusalem Donkey Got Its Mark

The Forgetting

The Fossil Soles of Refugees

The Genocide Field

The Gift

The Gift of Strangers

The Good Liar

The Hand 

The History of the Stone from David’s Sling

The Lighthouse (A Movie Poem)

The Loneliness of Moving Spaces

The Lord’s Palace Is Us

The Love Candle

The Love Stories and Tragedies of Trash

The Mayas of the Old Beehive 

The Mentor

The Missing Sock Always Knows Where the Other Is

The Mold

The Nacre of Cancer

The New Flood

The Numbers

The Only Needed Wall

The Orangutang Falls

The Parisian Chimney Sweep Knows the Night

The Port

The Shining 2 or Doctor Sleep (A Movie Poem)

The Song of Names

The Plains Weavers

The Poppy Influencers in Flanders Fields

the rapist god

The Sea Grape Remembers 

The Serpent in the Manger Straw

The Singularity or Terminator: Dark Fate (A Movie Poem)

The Two Popes 

The Walnut Street Bridge Hides Its Sorrows

The Wave

The Wolf’s Interrogation 

The World Is Full of Missing Things

The Young Doctor Smells No Plague Flowers

Trying to Sing in Italian

Unbearable Pains


Veteran Day

visiting Smithsonian museums with my sister

Waiting for the Hungry Ocean

Waiting on the Promise

What a Deaf Republic Choose Not to Hear

What a Deaf Republic Choose to Hear

Why I Hate Facebook Potato Salad Polls

Wildfires: California, Paradise

Wind Shear

Yoda Siths the Universe for the Rise of Skywalker

Your First Mustang or Ford vs Ferrari (A Movie Poem)


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